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Better and quick ways to immigrate to Australia from India

29 Jun 2015

Though the history of immigration from India to Australia has started by exporting the slaves and laborers during the colonial period, but the 19th century brings tremendous changes in the ways and patterns of immigration to Australia from India. It is no wonder that in recent times, Indian immigrants flocking to Australia beating once dominant British immigrants who are known to be top immigrants till recent times and other countries such as china as well, in moving the skilled immigrants. Australia has become most attracting destination for individuals with excellent skills who are seeking for better destination to rejuvenate their career. The immense opportunities created have added the scope for choosing a better destination and the recent increasing number of immigration from India is evident to the fact.

Immigration to Australia:

 In India, it is the department of Immigration and Border Protection (DIBP) of the Australian high commission processes and categorizes the visa in different classes, based on the occupation of work and grant the visa accordingly from provisional to permanent visas. There are different types of visas broadly categorized into:

Skilled migrants:

It has different types based on the person like independent skilled migrant in an approved occupation in Australia, employer appointed migrant, distinguished talent migrant and sponsored migrant.

Business migrants:

Business migrant visa is for those people who want to invest, own and recognized talent for business. Australian government encourages people by giving permanent visa to business people. For business visa there are so many factors applying in granting the permanent visa. 

Student visa:

The presence of globally high qualified institutions have been attracting sizable no of people from different countries across the world. India immigration in this category has huge no of people than the rest of the visa categories. The student visa would be needed prior acceptance from the Australian institution which student intends to apply.

Family migrants:

Individual’s family migrants must have a responsible relative in Australia who is naturally dependent on them like kids, spouse and old age people. Skilled family migrant would be awarded with a different visa depending on their skills.  

Australia offers plenty of opportunities for potential candidates, to get lured, if you are one seeking for a better future and career. We the professionals of Opulentus provide services to every form of immigration and guide throughout the processing of visa. 

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