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Eligibility Criteria To Apply For Australia Student Dependent Visa

24 Aug 2014

Australia offers a number of educational opportunities for overseas individuals and natives. People prefer to study in Australia in order to pursue their higher studies away from their families. The government of Australia understands the relationship values and designed a special visa program referred as Australia student dependent visa.

Incase applicants are overseas students and want to bring their spouse under Australia student dependent visa then they should apply for Australia student dependent visa from nearest offshore embassy or Australian High Commission. If applicants got married in Australia and desire to apply for Australia student dependent visa in onshore, they can submit application in their nearest Immigration office by post. Generally, Australia student dependent visa is for dependents of students who are moving to Australia on Australia Student Visa.

Most of the student visas permits to bring main applicant family members to Australia as their dependants, if the main applicant or sponsor has assessment level 1 or 2 or assessment level 3 or 4 and their course of study is longer than 12 months or they have been residing in Australia over 12 months. Applicants’ assessment level is determined based on their course of study and nationality.

Eligibility Of Dependents:

To obtain Australia student dependent visa a dependant can be spouse or dependent children of a partner. Australia student dependent visa permits the dependants of the main applicant to move to Australia and reside in Australia along with the main applicant.

  • A partner can be applicants’ spouse (married person) or de facto partner including similar-sex partners. A de facto bond applies, if partners have been living together for at least 12 months with a real and exclusive relationship.
  • A dependent child might be main applicants own child or stepchild to whom they got married or in a de facto relationship or engaged to be married. 
  • Dependent child age should not be more than 18 years. 

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