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What are the privileges of Australia Temporary Work Visa?

15 Jul 2014

Every year thousands of immigrants across the world place their requests for visas to work in Australia

Australia Temporary Work Visa allows skilled workers to travel to the country for work in their nominated occupation for their authorized sponsor for a maximum of four years.

A business is authorized to sponsor someone for this visa if they are not able to find either the permanent resident or Australian citizen to perform the skilled job.

Australia Temporary Work Visa requirements

Individuals willing to immigrate to Australia for work have to be sponsored by an authorized business and must have required necessary skills to occupy a position nominated by an authorized business

Australia Temporary Work Visa privileges

Individuals are allowed to work in Australia for maximum of four years .Visa holders are authorized to bring family members along with them for either work or study .Besides; the card holder can travel into or outside Australia as frequently as he or she can.

Australia Temporary Work Visa nomination process

Nomination process identifies a position to be occupied by a skilled worker from outside Australia in a business that is approved .Nomination is necessary for both business sponsors along with parties concerning labor agreement

The process of nomination identifies the following things:

  • Experience and skills required for the position
  • The occupation is on the suitable occupation list or not
  • The rate of salary to be paid to future overseas employee and for the position
  • The place where the skilled worker will be working
  • Name of the future employee

To submit a nomination one has to be approved business sponsor or have submitted an application of sponsorship.

Australia Temporary Work Visa nomination requirements

  • Has to satisfy Temporary Skilled Migration Income Threshold
  • Has to name the employee as well as the state name
  • Has to fulfill requirements of employment
  • Has to provide employment terms and conditions that fulfill certain requirements

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