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What Are The Requirements of Australia Temporary Work Visa

24 Sep 2015

There exist shortage of doctors and nurses. Hence, it is comparatively much easier to  get the visa for medical professionals such as,  doctors and nurses to work in Australia.

Australia is also dealing with the aging population, hence it requires more number of doctors as well as nurses to take care of the growing population of the aged.

Many doctors, as well as nurses in the past, have Migrated to Australia as this nation offers numerous benefits to them. If you are doctor or nurse, then do not delay, apply for a visa.

These Individuals Also Qualify Permanent Residency or for Employer-Sponsored Worker Visa

The eligibility criteria they need to meet includes

•    Age

•    Ability to speak the English language

•    Qualification needs assessment  by the relevant authority  in Australia

•   On successful assessment, the individuals are required to obtain registration with one of the states or the territory nursing boards registered.

The requirement of Australia Temporary Work Visa include

•    Individuals are sponsored by an approved business

•    They have the essential skills to fill the nominated position by business approved

This subclass 457 visa allows the Skilled Workers to Travel to Australia to Work in their nominated occupation for a sponsor who is approved for nearing to 4 years.

What are the Benefits of This Visa?

This visa does allow  individuals to

•    Work in Australia for nearing to 4 years

•    Allows to bring family to work or study in Australia

•    Helps to travel in and out of Australia as often as you wish

Before individuals apply for this visa, employer must

•    Become approved sponsor

•    Nominate you for a position

The individuals while applying for this visa at the time, your employer does lodge their application to sponsor and nominate the individuals.

Who Can Migrate to Australia on This Visa ?

Temporary residence policy of Australia helps in facilitating the entry on the temporary basis, the individuals can contribute to economic, cultural as well as social development of the Australian community. The temporary residence visa does allow the individuals to live as well work in Australia for a limited. In subclasses, the individuals require to sponsorship by an Australian organization that should be approved by the DIBP in Australia before the application is lodged.

There is variety of visa options that are available to participate for specific professional, social activities or cultural activities in Australia.

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