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What You Should Know About Australia Temporary Work Visa?

16 Sep 2014

Planning to work in Australia? Pondering about how to immigrate to Australian for work purpose?  Australia Temporary Work Visa is the best route for you to enter the country to take part in short-term, highly specialised, non-ongoing work activities. Upon the invitation of Australian firm, you can participate in events concerned with non-ongoing basis. In some special cases, you can engage in activities or work related to Australia’s interests. The holders of Australia Temporary Work Visa will be able to reside for a period of three months. When you apply for an Australia Temporary Work Visa, you must be residing out of the country.          

Australia Temporary Work Visa requirements

Applicants who are fling application for Australia Temporary Work Visa need to fulfill certain requirements which include:

  • Specialized skills, knowledge or experience that can help Australian business
  • Have been invited to take part in an event by a firm in Australia
  • Required in Australia for specific circumstances of national importance, which include a natural disaster.    
  • Must be in the country to do work or take part in the activity
  • Hold some personal attributes or an employment background relevant to the work or activity
  • Hold enough funds to meet expenses of themselves and their dependent family members during your stay in the country 
  • Must satisfy health and character requirements   

  Australia Temporary Work Visa benefits:

  Australia Temporary Work Visa holders will be able to stay in the country as long as their visa is valid and they will be able to bring their dependent family members along with them. You can move in and out of Australia as many times as possible until your Australia Temporary Work Visa is valid.

Upon successful submission of Australia Temporary Work Visa, the embassy takes one month period to process your Australian temporary working visa application.  

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