Skilled Migrants Benefit Australia - Government Report

Posted On : 17-04-2018

India is a big source of migrants to Australia, as per the data of the federal government. It's migrants whether skilled or family, generate billions for the Australian economy. The government in Australia has published a new report titled ‘Shaping a nation: popul...

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The popular 457 Visa replaced by Australia - A new Job list is Introduced

Posted On : 25-03-2018

Indians have always loved to move to Australia and Canada to find an overseas job. At present, Australia has decided to give a priority to the local residents and has introduced rigid visa norms for ...

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A New Visa to Replace the Employer-sponsored 457 Visa Introuduction

Posted On : 16-03-2018

A new visa comes into force in Australia with effect from March 18th. It contains additional requirements, which would be tough for many foreign students in Australia. Legislation replacing the older version has been done and the new visa program is named as ...

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Australia is Introducing a New Visa for a Good Economy and Jobs

Posted On : 05-03-2018

The Government in Australia will introduce a new visa, meant for individuals who are eager to establish businesses in the country. It will not require a mandatory fund outlay and the applicant needs to show and speak vocational English. Several permanent residents having a ...

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Some Facts on Visa Nomination in Victoria

Posted On : 04-03-2018

The aim of the visa nomination program of the Government of Victoria is to attract Top skilled international talent and global skilled student graduates who are needed to provide a competitive environment in its industries. Through the Visa nomination, the Government selects internat...

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New Information Released about Australia Skilled Visa Programs

Posted On : 26-02-2018

The Home Affairs Department of Australia has released some information about its skilled visa programmes, and on the Temporary Skill Shortage visa belonging to subclass 482 programs, the Regional Sponsored Migration Scheme belonging to subclass 187 visa programs, the relevant modifications to the ...

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South Australia Issues a Notification on High Point Category Quota

Posted On : 20-02-2018

South Australia has issued a Notification on High Point Category Quota to the candidates. This category was popular to attract the top skilled and talented immigrants to the state to perform the jobs appearing on the Supplementary ...

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Invitation Rounds Held for Subclass 189 and 489 Visas

Posted On : 18-02-2018

Based on the updates from Immigration Authorities, in Australia invitations for Skilled Independent Professionals (Subclass 189) and Skilled Regional Professionals (Provisional) (Subclass 48...

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Updates Concerning Employer Sponsorship for January 2018

Posted On : 30-01-2018

Based on the announcement of the Government's in April 2017, many changes have made to the employer-sponsored program. Some more changes were scheduled to take effect in January 2018 and also in March 2018. The applicable legislation has not taken place so far but, Immigration authorities have issued info...

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Australia to make changes in required proof of funds for New Visa Applications

Posted On : 04-01-2018

Starting from 20th December 2017, Australia has started bringing changes to its immigration policies. They started with changing their name and bringing different departments under one roof, and now they have announced the new policy for required proof of funds for new student visa appl...

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