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Australian TSS Subclass 482 and Permanent Employer-Sponsored Visas

19 Nov 2018

Skills Evaluations for TSS Subclass 482 Visas

Skills evaluations are only required for Temporary Skill Shortage visa subclass 482 visas in short circumstances set. A specific legislative instrument (IMMI 18/039) needs skills evaluations for specific professions from specific countries who do not satisfy an exemption.

The two professions which should be evaluated for any country of origin (apart from candidates who satisfy an exception) are:

• Project or Program administrator, and
• Specialist Managers

List of Occupations

• automotive electrician
• baker
• cabinetmaker
• carpenter
• carpenter and joiner
• chef
• cook
• diesel motor mechanic
• electrician (general)
• electrician (special class)
• fitter (general)
• fitter and turner
• fitter welder
• joiner
• metal fabricator
• metal fitters and machinists (nec)
• metal machinist (first class)
• motor mechanic (general)
• panel beater
• pastry cook
• program or project administrator
• sheet metal trades worker
• toolmaker
• welder (first class)

Permanent Employer-Sponsored Visas

Temporary Residence Transition Stream (T.R.T)

Candidates for the E.N.S subclass 186 and R.S.M.S subclass 187 visas are not generally needed to give a skills evaluation to exhibit their skills. It is usually taken that working in Australia in the chosen profession for the required period is proof of skills in the profession.

At the Minister’s concern, you may be asked to present a skills evaluation. It could associate to any profession or any nation of passport. It is not overly familiar for this discretion to be applied.

It is also noted in the policy for the stream of temporary residence transition that Additional modifications to the skills requirements are expected and will be particularized in a legislative Instrument in due course.

Readers should stay posted for future modifications to the present policy for the stream of temporary residence transition, and if you have reached the expected 2 or 3 years of work with the nominating organization, you may need to look to appeal for your permanent visa prior to a skills evaluation is required. It could significantly improve the time, cost and effort associated in achieving Australian PR.

Permanent Occupations List

1. Automotive Electrician
2. Motor Mechanic (General)
3. Diesel Motor Mechanic
4. Motorcycle Mechanic
5. Small Engine Mechanic
6. Blacksmith
7. Electroplater
8. Farrier
9. Metal Casting Trades Worker
10. Metal Polisher
11. Sheetmetal Trades Worker
12. Metal Fabricator
13. Pressure Welder
14. Welder (First Class)
15. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Avionics)
16. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Mechanical)
17. Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (Structures)
18. Fitter (General)
19. Fitter and Turner
20. Fitter-Welder
21. Metal Machinist (First Class)
22. Textile, Clothing and Footwear Mechanic
23. Metal Fitters and Machinists nec
24. Engraver
25. Gunsmith
26. Locksmith
27. Precision Instrument Maker and Repairer
28. Saw Maker and Repairer
29. Watch and Clock Maker and Repairer
30. Engineering Patternmaker
31. Toolmaker
32. Panelbeater
33. Vehicle Body Builder
34. Vehicle Trimmer
35. Vehicle Painter
36. Bricklayer 
37. Stonemason
38. Carpenter and Joiner
39. Carpenter
40. Joiner
41. Floor Finisher
42. Painting Trades Worker
43. Glazier
44. Fibrous Plasterer
45. Solid Plasterer
46. Roof Tiler
47. Wall and Floor Tiler
48. Plumber (General)
49. Airconditioning and Mechanical Services Plumber 
50. Drainer
51. Gasfitter
52. Roof Plumber
53. Electrician (General)
54. Electrician (Special Class)
55. Lift Mechanic
56. Airconditioning and Refrigeration Mechanic
57. Electrical Linesworker
58. Technical Cable Jointer
59. Business Machine Mechanic
60. Communications Operator
61. Electronic Equipment Trades Worker
62. Electronic Equipment Trades Worker (General)
63. Electronic Equipment Trades Worker (Special class)
64. Cabler (Data and Telecommunication)

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