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Strict Migration Laws of Australia are Damaging Several Industries

11 Aug 2018

Many Australians feel it should not be easy to migrate to Australia even though it provides several economic benefits. The population in the country has touched 25 million. Migrants will contribute $1.6 trillion to the economy by 2050, as per a report.
The Treasury as well as the Home Affairs Department reveals that migrants perform 65 percent of the 850,000 jobs which were created during the past five years. Their share was 72 percent in the new full-time jobs.

As per the 2016 Census, for the first time in its history, there were a large proportion of Asian people compared to the European people, in Australia.

A recent Research also shows that 75 percent Australians believe migrants have assisted in building the country, and have also made it strong- 72 percent. They must have a path to citizenship -74 percent, but around 55 percent believe that it should not be easy to migrate to Australia.

A report

A report with the title Faces of Australia discloses the economic contributions of migrants on Australia. It is based on responses of 1004 persons throughout Australia and reflects the age, gender and region of the country.

When there is no migration, the workforce in Australia would shrink in absolute terms by 2020; and this would affect towards a low GDP.

Presently, there is a requirement for the people to sign a value statement before they enter the country. Moreover they must, pass a citizenship test and also pledge loyalty before acquiring the citizenship.  This is hurting the businesses. Many people feel the pinch of the stringent migration laws. With every passing day it is becoming difficult to get immigration in Australia and there is suffering across industries. The nature of laws is difficult that a person cannot run a business successfully.

The facts

Though the economy is flourishing but a few businesses are finding it hard. There are not enough skilled people who can fulfill the needs and deliver quality output. The migrants first enter the country after getting the temporary visas, before making the transition to permanent residency.

Moreover, more and more Permanent migrants come through skilled path ways, or the employer sponsored path ways, but the strict rules make it hard. There is a market demand even for temporary workers and they need not become permanent residents. When they get the qualification to become permanent the government can decide on it. However they need a chance.

During the last financial year, the migration rate has declined by 10 percent. Furthermore, there were 21,000 less people allowed in Australia.

Australia is good

Immigrants love Australia, and a good feature is the dignity of labor as well as the authentic nature of the people. There must be certain measures to decrease the harshness of migration rules so that the economy can thrive.

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