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A developed country that prioritizes its education sector with each state government managing their own education system is Australia. The state government of Australia even provides regulations and funds for their state schools, and each and every state has a mix of private and public schools. Each state or school’s curriculum may vary, but the learning areas are the same everywhere.

Australian Education’s two distinctive facts about are:

  • Acceptance and recognition of its universities and colleges worldwide
  • Availability of short-term degree courses


List of some of the popular Australian universities

Australian Catholic University  [ACU

Australian National University  [ANU]

Bond University  [Bond]

Central Queensland University  [CQU]

Charles Darwin University  [CDU]

Charles Sturt University  [CSU]  

Curtin University of Technology  [CURTIN]

Deakin University  [Deakin]

Edith Cowan University  [ECU]

Flinders University  [FLINDERS]

Griffith University  [GRIFFITH]

James Cook University  [JCU]

La Trobe University  [LATROBE]

Macquarie University  [MACQUARIE]

Monash University  [MONASH]

Murdoch University  [MURDOCH]

Queensland University of Technology  [QUT]


List of popular Diploma Courses

  • Diploma of Accounting
  • Diploma of Business
  • Diploma of Hotel Management
  • Diploma of Computing & IT
  • Diploma of Communications
  • Diploma of Science
  • Diploma of Hospitality
  • Diploma of Human Resources Management


List of Popular Masters and Bachelor Courses

  • Art and Architecture
  • Biological and Life Sciences
  • Business and MBA
  • Computers and Technology
  • Database Design and Management
  • Doctor of Information Technology
  • Education and Teaching
  • Engineering
  • Healthcare and Public Health


Documents Required

College admission letter

Valid passport

Sufficient funds


Previous educational certificates

Valid IELTS/ TOEFL score


Visa Fee

Australian Embassy charges AUD 535 or INR 30,300 per application

VFS charges for the same is:  INR 601

Disclaimer: Embassy can change the visa fee without prior notification. Please check before filing the visa application.


Opulentus Fees, Costs & Refund Policy

Opulentus offers best services and has highly competitive and the best service fees. Our state-of-the-art Processing Centre processes over 5000 active cases from across the world at any given time. Opulentus offers best service in documentation and our processes are standard & process consultants are the best in the world.

Our service charges are standard and same across all our offices. We guarantee that you will be quoted a nominal and affordable price for the high class service we offer. Prices are determined by the company & are fixed for all clients, offices & cases without any discrepancies. Be assured of paying the right and best price – at par with all our 10000+ clients around the world.


Opulentus Services

Opulentus offers advice and guidance for best possible documentation. We assist and guide you at each step till you get your visa.

  • Expert advice on complete process stage wise
  • Visa documentation*
  • Provide you the document checklist stage-wise and assisting you with the requisites and the alternatives upon receiving the signed service agreement copy
  • Provide documents samples and assist you with inputs wherever necessary
  • Corresponding with the department, on your behalf, if required
  • Post landing, traveling and settling assistance

*Documentation service differs from country to country. Please refer your Service Agreement for further details.


Post Landing Services

Once the client receives his/her visa for studying in Australia, we offer post landing services. Our post landing assistance includes

  • Assistance in getting overseas travel insurance
  • Tips on how to settle and socialize in the university and university students


Why Australia?

  • Study courses from diverse fields
  • Study programs help to develop innovative and creative thinking among students
  • Universities and colleges have strong international reputation
  • Friendly country with a young and vibrant society



I have received an offer for the coming semester, but I am unable to take the opportunity. Can I postpone it to another semester?

Yes, you can postpone only if the same course is available in the semester you want to opt for. You would be issued a revised offer from the college/university.

Can I join the semester after a week or two of it’s commencing date?

No, Every college and University holds an Orientation for its fresh batch. This is held two weeks before the semester begins and is compulsory for all students.

I had applied for the Master of Commerce program but have received an offer for Postgraduate Diploma in Business program; which ultimately leads to the Master of Commerce course instead. So why I have received this offer instead of direct offer for Masters of Commerce program?

A few master programs in Australia have postgraduate diploma course as the first stage. Entry into the Masters program course will completely depend on the successful completion of the postgraduate course. The post-graduate diploma course Weighted Average should be at least 70% for all units completed. Postgraduate diploma doesn’t have any impact on the Masters course length duration.

What would be the consequence if I am not eligible for the program I have applied for?

If your eligibility doesn’t meet the program you have applied for, the International Office will advice you in advance of the application results and also let you know of the range of options available. This may be advised after considering your study history.

I have completely changed my degree program; would my credits completed in my previous degree considered towards the 200 credit eligibility requirement?

Yes, the points would be considered only if the relevant transcripts are produced along with application materials.

Do I need to wait till the acceptance of application; to apply for visa and flight bookings? 

Yes, start your application process for visa and flight booking arrangement only when you have received acceptance notification from the host institution.

I want to change my university; can I do so?

Yes you can. An application has to be filed at Student Central which considers these requests cross-institutional enrollment.

Is it mandatory to have the Overseas Students Health Cover (OSHC)?

Yes this is a must. Both foreign students and their dependents have to maintain required health insurance funds. This must be as per guidelines by the Australian Department of Health and Aging.

What are the chances of changing the program opted after enrollment?

International students with a student visa that is subjected to condition 8203 cannot change their program/thesis paper/ research paper without approval of DIBP.

If the condition 8203 is not mentioned on the student visa, a change of the program would be solely at the discretion relevant Head of Department or Nominee.

In case of possibilities of visa extension or reduction (if the opted program is shorter than former), the student has to keep DIBP informed.

International students who want to switch from a bachelor’s degree to master program, have to apply for new student visa (subclass 574).

What are the chances of changing the education provider?

International students on student visas have to stay with the chosen and enrolled education provider for the first 6 calendar months of their program and if the course duration is less than 6 months; for the whole period.

Student who have opted for the pre-requisite course, have to remain with the provider for the complete duration of the course. Once the pre-requisite program is completed, then the student has to stay for the main course with the same education provider for the initial six months.

Do I have the option to renew my student visa in Australia?

Students enrolled for full time programs can renew their student visa; only if their visa is not subjected to “no further stay” condition 8534. Renewal of student visa has to be one month prior to expiry date.

What are the chances of working in Australia with a Student Visa?

International students with an Australia Student Visa that has work rights can only work in Australia. The permitted working hours are also limited to up to 40 hours per fortnight while study is in session. Students are allowed to work for unlimited hours during vacations and holidays.

Students who enrolled in Masters program or have opt for research or doctorate courses and are holder of Australia Student Visa (subclass 574) can work for unlimited hours, once they complete the course. Candidates who opt for English language or any additional professional course can work for 40 hours only in a fortnight during the additional course duration.

Can my dependants work if I am in Australia with a Student Visa?

Dependents have to apply for a work permit separately and can work for up to 40 hours/fortnight. The following dependents can work for unlimited hours:

- Students enrolled in a Masters program by coursework

- Students enrolled in a Masters program  by research/doctoral degree

- Students who have sponsorship from AusAID or Defence

What are minimum charges and expenditures for students opting for Australia Student Visa?

Costs of studying varies as per the selection of course type, institution and the level.

Average study costs as per level of education is listed below:

School Education - $7,800 to $30,000

Professional English language programs - Around $300 per week

Vocational Education and Training - $4,000 to $22,000

Undergraduate Bachelor Degree - $15,000 to $33,000*

Postgraduate Masters Degree - $20,000 to $37,000*

Doctoral Degree - $14,000 to $37,000*

* Note: the above cost does not include high value courses.

What are preparations required before moving to Australia for study?

Below is a brief of steps, you should follow.

  • Decide on your preferred course and college/university/institution.
  • Application needs to be submitted at the college/university/institution
  • Offer letter should be received and approved
  • Receiving your eCoE (electronic Confirmation of Enrollment).
  • Applying for your Australia student visa.

What are the criteria for receiving acceptance or offer for a program?

Requirements for both college/university/institution acceptance and Australia Student Visa are:

  • Academics
  • English language requirements
  • Evidence of funds
  • Health insurance coverage




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