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When you unveil the history of immigration, you would come across a name that’s etched in golden letters –Opulentus—the Visa Company. At a point of time when individual visa consultants on road side are taking innocent people for ride, Opulentus sealed the fate of such fraudsters for bad, by rolling up its shutters for offering visa related services.

Year 2001 marked the golden days in the lives of people willing to migrate to foreign countries as Opulentus took its birth then. Until Opulentus came into existence, there was no such visa consultancy that came under the ‘company category.’

Delivering its best and bringing smiles of crores of people, the clients who left their countries through the help of Opulentus, took with them the name that apparently brought new rays into their lives—Opulentus.

Gradually Opulentus crossed seas and established offices in some of the leading countries such as US, UK, Canada and Ireland.  With strong client base in more than a dozen countries, Opulentus is today a leader in the industry.

Opulentus - Our services:

Visa processing: Opulentus processes various types of visas to almost all important countries except New Zealand. The visa processing fee at Opulentus is comparatively low. The immigration executives who collect your documents will process the visa on your behalf. When processed through Opulentus, the chances of getting visas would brighten.

Visa interview: A visa is generally rejected on various grounds. Although a grant of visa is at the sole discretion of the immigration authority, by adhering to certain steps and words, one can easily get away with the difficult situation during visa interviews. Opulentus is here to guide to as to how to present yourself before the immigration authority so that you won’t look like a potential immigrant (one of the main reasons for rejection of a visa).

Post landing services: Opulentus is into post landing services. By post landing services we mean those services that are offered to clients after they land in the country on work/student/travel visa. These services would typically include

-picking up the client at the airport
-dropping the client at the house
-renting a house on behalf of the client and preparing the rental agreement
-constantly in touch with client until he/she is completely settled in the country

Should you require a visa, please feel free to approach us. We are always ready to guide you.

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