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Australian Skill Select Invitations for July 2018: Tough for many Occupations

18 Aug 2018

Home Affairs Department has released the first Skill Select round invitation results for the Program Year 2018-19.
The invitation round to apply for Subclass 189 and Subclass 489 was held on 11th July 2018. The plan, of total number of positions, for the 2018-19 - Skilled Independent Visa is 43,990.

Invitation rounds are scheduled for the 11th day of each month.

Top Occupation Invitations

Occupation ID


# Of Invitations Sent


Civil Engineer Professionals



Registered Nurses



Telecommunications Engineering Professionals



Database and Systems Administrators and ICT Security Specialists



Software and Application Programmers



Higher Points necessary for Minimum Cut-Off - 70 points

For many occupations in the 189 Independent Visas the minimum points-requirement is 70 points. For the skilled regional sponsored 489 the points-requirement is 80 points. Moreover this also reflects the overall tough level of competition for skilled visa positions.

The requirement for temporary work visas is tight. The effect of Skilling Australia Fund is going to provide a strong dislike and disincentive for employers to come forward to sponsor. Furthermore the filing of employer-sponsored visas will be much low. The Skilling Australian Fund will lead to limited growth in employer sponsored visas.

Skilled - Independent (subclass 189)

The Independent 189 Visa had a requirement of just 70 points. There was a grant of 1000 Independent 189 Visas in July.

Acceptance Rate of Independent 189 Visa:

• 572 visas where applicants scored 70 points
• 273 visas where applicants scored 75 points
• 107 visas where applicants scored 80 points
• 46 visas where applicants scored 85 points
• 2 visas where applicants scored 90 points

Skilled - Regional (subclass 489)

There were only 10 Regional 489 Visa invitations in the July 2018 round. Regional 489 Visa Point Acceptance Rate:

• 7 Visas where applicants scored 80 points
• 3 Visas where applicants scored 85 points

There is presently a need of having thousands of Regional 489 Visa expression of interest in the system at that moment. In case the present level of invitations remains at the same pace there will be negligible numbers in granting 489 Visas for this year.

Great Stress for Accountants and Auditors

There is a big struggle for the applicants of Independent 189 Visa for the job of accountants. Also the minimum threshold for them is 85 points. For the Auditors, secretaries, and treasurers the minimum threshold is 80 points.

Points Requirement for Engineers

The minimum threshold for Engineers is 75 points.

Occupation ID


Points Score


Electronics Engineer



Industrial, Mechanical, & Production Engineer



ICT, Programming, Related Occupations

Moreover, there is a great demand for professionals in Information and communication technologies and also in related occupations.  Furthermore there are many invitations in the dispatch list but equally there severe competition also.

 There are a number of I.C.T. related Occupations in New South Wales lists.

Occupation ID


Points score


ICT Business and Systems Analysts



Software and Applications Programmers



Computer Network Professionals


Future Invitation Round

The number of Invitations in each round may be different depending on the applications under process. Additionally there is likelihood of more changes and tough requirements for independent, as well as employer sponsored visas.  Finally, the competition will be high, in occupations where the applicants cannot succeed in 189 category.

There are many changes from states like South Australia, the ACT, and Tasmania in relation to sponsorship for the 190 and 489 Visas.

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