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New Immigration Minister hails the Efforts of Migrants for Australia

08 Sep 2018

Happiness on the role of immigrants

David Coleman, Australia’s new Minister for Immigration and Citizenship Affairs, has appreciated multiculturalism. He was speaking highly, regarding the contribution of migrants to the society. Celebrating the record of the country, as the most successful immigration nation of the world, will be a government priority. Australia is strong and prosperous as a nation, owing to its multicultural heritage. It places a value on people, based on their contribution, irrespective of ethnicity, color, or religion. Such people embrace its national values, and respect the laws, he said in a statement. 

All over Australia, one can witness the success of a multi-cultural society. The hardworking families raise kids and the business owners, invest in Australia, and create several jobs. Moreover, the religious leaders, community volunteers, professionals, and people, all play a great role to build the nation.

Focus on building prosperity

Furthermore, the focus of the Morrison Government is on building prosperity. He assured that his aim, is to continue to advocate the right policies, and also ensure that the nation builds on the immigration success story.

In the Sydney electorate of Banks, 40 percent people were born overseas, and 45 percent speak a language at home, that is not English. This serves as a reminder, of the way immigration is shaping the society. It is making a healthy contribution, to skills and culture too. 

In the Program Year 2017-18, more than 160,000 migrants arrived in Australia.  70 percent of them were skilled migrants, making a contribution to innovation and skills.

Migrant business owners hire 1.4 million people, and migration will contribute $1.6 trillion, to the economy by 2050. In his capacity as the new minister, he was looking forward, to meet representatives from various community groups.

Future plans

Australian citizenship is a rare privilege, and he promised to attend Citizenship Ceremonies and meet migrants. In 2019, Australia will celebrate the 70th anniversary of Citizenship, and he was looking forward to attending events in Australia.

The statement, made no mention, regarding the plan to settle new migrants, for five years outside Melbourne and Sydney. He also made no mention, regarding the citizenship changes, expected in the Parliament, in the future sitting.

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